No Place for Children

by The Misery Jackals

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Recorded in February 2012 by Ryan Foltz at Cleveland Audio, Cleveland, OH.


released May 11, 2012


all rights reserved



The Misery Jackals Akron, Ohio

How punk rock sounds after the zombie apocalypse.

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Track Name: My Family
We're going broke just to survive
The local inns a fucking dive
Your lucky to check out alive
You’re our family...

You are our Family!
Only You
You are our Family
All we have is you

This life we live's drove us to the brink
These clothes we wear are starting to stink
So take us home and buy us some drinks
Cuz you’re our family!

Its been 3 days since we've seen bed
And even more since we’ve been fed
So take us home and give us some head
Cuz you’re our family!

Please take us home to your lovely abode
and let us use your clean commode
We are not whores just friends of the road
We're your family!
Track Name: Patrick
When you were just a child
The needles made you cry.
Now that you are older
They’re leading you to die
Leading you to die…

You once were a brother
You used to be a son.
Layin’ 6 feet underground
Dead at 21
Dead at 21…

You spent your last days
hooked on heroin and pills.
Jesus sent me in before
you went up on that hill
Up on Pringle Hill…

Patrick, you’re dead and gone
We can’t make you stay.
Our love could not stop you
From leaving us that way
Dieing on that day...
Track Name: Skunk Ape
Well we were waitin’ out some white tail
in a stand on Boggy Creek
When from up the holler yonder
come a hauntin’ lonely shriek…

Then there fell a murky silence,
no squirrel, no bird, no wind...
And there rose a pungent odor
as a fog come rollin’ in…

I swear upon a Bible
stick a needle in my eye
Right then and there a Skunk Ape walked on by…

Well he was taller than a ceilin’
and he walked like you and me
He was muscular and hairy
but his face I couldn’t see…

Then he grunted like a monkey
and he howled a mournful moan
and it seemed like he was cryin’
cuz he knew he was alone…

I’ll swear upon the tombstone
of my dear sweet mother’s grave…

Me & Bill & Timmy saw a Skunk Ape there that day…

So if you hear a strange sound knockin’
and the trees are upside down
Best forget ‘bout what yer doin’
get yer ass back into town…

Lay down yer guns and cameras
and leave well enough alone
Have some damn respect
yer in the Skunk Ape’s home…

Well, it don’t matter what you call him
Sasquatch or ole Big Foot…
He’s just a dang old Skunk Ape
and he don’t smell too damn good…

He’s our long lost elder brother
so train yer sights real well.
Ifin’ ya kill a Skunk Ape
ya surely go to Hell…
Track Name: La Muerte por el Perrero
Yo soy un perrito perdido
Vago por las calles solo
Yo siempre tengo hambre
y yo soy muy delgado

Escavo en la basura
Cazo las ratas por el pueblo
Me escapo a la vuelta de la esquina
cuando veo el perrero

Mendigo afuera del mercado
A veces me tiran restos
Pero el perrero es siempre atento
y él no para hasta verme muerto

Yo sé que no podrá capturar me
porque tengo un corazón valaroso
y el perrero es un bebito tonto
y no tiene huevos ningunos

Yo soy un perrito perdido
Vago por las calles por me vida
Dios mío como le odio al perrero
Le deseo una muerte dolorosa
Track Name: Josephine
Mount up your horses boys
Ready your guns
Yankee blood will flow
When the mornin’ come

Best sharpen up your knives
For when we take their lives
I want the top of their heads
God – help – me… I want them all dead!

My darlin’ sister
I know you killed her
And how you crushed her

We’ll take this Goddamn town
Burn it down to the ground
Spare no man, no woman or child
Not even a dog alive

Drink whiskey from your boots
If it moves you will shoot
Yankee train comin’ down the track
Block – that – line… and we will attack!

Which one a you’s in charge?
They all drop, beg and sob
Up and down I walk the line
Knots in cord they are mine

Bloody Bill is what they call me
Avenging family is my hobby
Kill my sister, How you dare?
Pull - that – dirty - bastard… the hell out of there!

Track Name: The Mortuary Bop
We’d be better off not to know, we’d be better off, not to know…

She worked the late shift draining bodies
On the wrong side of the town
Trying to disguise
The way it felt inside
When she washed those bodies down
Boys who died in gangland battles
And in high speed felony flight
Formaldehyde would flow
Then the boss would go
And though she knew it wasn't right

She did the mortuary bop
She loved to be on top
Of the bluing flesh of boys who passed away

She worked the late shift burning bodies
On the wrong side of the track
Trying to disguise
The way it felt inside
When she laid them on that rack
Boys who died from overdoses
No family, friends or home
Then the flame would burn
She would fill the urn
But when she was all alone…

She did the mortuary bop
She loved to be on top
Of the bluing flesh of boys who passed away
A priest said their last rights
But she was their last lay!

She worked the late shift prepping bodies
For the flame, and for the show
Trying to disguise
The way it felt inside
God forbid anyone should know
How she longed to kiss their bluing lips
And to feel their cold embrace
Until the time was right
When she can dim the lights
And dance around the place…

She did the mortuary bop
She loved to be on top
Of the bluing flesh of boys who passed away
A priest said their last rights
But she was their last lay!
Track Name: Don’t Remember Me
Don’t remember me, when I’m, gone, when I’m gone
Forget all the things I done wrong, done you wrong

I really love you, I said I did!
Don’t remember when you ran and hid.

About the time, I pulled your hair
Or when you went to sit and I pulled away the chair!

I call you names, but never “Dear”
Then smack you in the face because you would not get my beer!

The many times, I let you down
Or when I kicked you into the pool and you damn near drowned!

I once gave
My heart to you
With your rage
You have smashed it in two...
So when you sleep
I push my knife
Into you….

I’ll remember you, when you’re gone, you’re long gone
Always know what you done wrong, done me wrong.

You won’t beat me or mistreat me
I put you in the grave for my own dear life to save!
Track Name: No Place for Children
Vultures feast like kings
We’re the wind beneath their wings
Bow your head and everybody sing

The Seas are dead and rising.
Surely these are the end times
So you better make your peace today.

And now there’s no disguising
All the treachery and lies
So everyone get on your knees and pray!

The wicked men they feed
Upon the blood and sweat of slaves
Forgive them for they know not what they do

They have a number for us all
And massive unmarked graves
So save yourself before they come for you

Oh God help us, don’t send Jesus
You’re gonna have to come yourself
Because this ain’t no place for children
And it’s every man for himself…

The wicked men they feed
Until every drop is drained
Then consign our bodies to the flame

They have a number for us all
And massive unmarked graves
So save yourself before they come for you!

Load up them trains boys
Women and children to the right
Able bodied men to the left
All you old men go stand over by that pit
Track Name: Pirates of the North Coast
When I was just a young lad of 13 years old
Down by the docks of Cleveland is where I’d often go
It was on a Tuesday mornin’, the sun not up at all
That’s when I met me Cap’n, of the pirate ship, “Dugall.”

Sailin’ the sea of Erie, I been raised to rob and steal
Taken away from my home and now it’s death I deal
I’m a pirate of the North Coast, where the trade winds blow cold
If I don’t live until I die, I’ll never, grow old.

I raid the Cuyahoga in a 14 foot canoe
When you hear the banjo ringin’, you know just what we’ll do
Upon your banks it’s me, and my captain Magee
You get in our way, with your life, you will pay.

I’m the terror of the towpath and the great Erie canal
Akron and Cleveland aren’t safe from pirates now
From your hearts you’ll bleed, when you fall to your knees
The pirates of Somalia, ain’t got nothin’, on me!
Track Name: Sick Rick
Who’s that guy who’s always sick?
Sick Rick, Sick Rick
Needs a hit so bad he could suck a dick
Sick, Sick Rick
Always says he’s gonna pay you back
Sick Rick, Sick Rick
All he needs right now is that bag of smack
Sick, Sick Rick

Lordza Monkey, used to get so high, now it take him 20 bags to try.
And all he ever does is cry
He is Sick, Sick Rick… Sick, Sick Rick

All the spoons are burnt and bent
And he has not paid the rent
Pretty soon, he’s gonna need some more
So he’ll hit the streets and to try and score

Blood stains the ceiling, floors and wall
Someone is puking in the hall
The cops are knocking on the door
False alarm it’s just some whore

911, what should we do?
Because his lips they’re turning blue
He did it all, in just one shot
I don’t know, but it was a whole lot

One ambulance and 11 cops
Took him away, to the detox
No he works those steps and he changed his ways
Talks about, those crazy days

When they said!
Lordza Monkey, Lordza Monkey, Lordza Monkey, Lordza Boo, Lordza Monkey, Lordza Monkey, Lordza Boo Boo!
Track Name: Mudflap Girl
When I was just a little boy, rootin’ through my daddies shed
Lookin’ for my grampa’s pin-up magazines
Well I found something better, a chrome girl with no sweater
She would come to haunt my wildest dreams

Mudflap girl, shine on my dreary world
You know you are my every fantasy
I knew she wasn’t real, but the way she made me feel
made me want to take her home with me

Now that I am a Trucker, a Billy Big-Rig Motherfucker
and cheatin’ whores damn near ruined my life
Now no one can compare, to that girl with silver hair
the only gal that seems fit for a wife

Mudflap girl, want you to share my world
So come on girl and hitch a ride with me
A girl every trucker’s had, but that don’t make her bad
as long as she is riding home with me

You see her ridin’ everywhere, leanin’ back without a care
Just a flappin’ in the breeze, that’s how she likes to tease
She comes all the way from Chiner with a shiny chrome vaginer
never met a girl who’s finer Mudflap girl!

Mudflap girl, you really rock my world
you’re everything a woman oughta be
With such style and such class, and a tattoo on her ass
With my name on it, Mudflap girl
With his name on her ass, Mudflap Girl
Track Name: Trapper Jack
When I was just a boy, my father told me “Son”
Be a man, take a stand, don’t give up our blessed land
Don’t let there come, a dark day when you bend your knee and pray
In a trap, set by Jack, no way out and no way back…

Trapper Jack!
He is hunting me down
He comes!
On the outskirts of town
And I can’t!
Keep a runnin’ away
He’s gonna catch up with me some day…

He has come for our heads, our hearts and our hands
Trapper Jack, dressed in black, a canoe on his back
He has used a razor knife, to cut away my life
Liberty and privacy in his trap of security

His traps are hate, they are lies, they are all that I despise
Soon you’ll find, by this time, he has taken away your mind
You’ve been bought, you’ve been sold, by the ones who stole your gold
Now a slave, best behave, or you’ll end up in a grave…

Trapper Jack!
He is hunting me down
He Comes!
On the outskirts of town
And I can’t!
Keep a runnin’ away
Act now, or it will be too late one day…

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